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Morning Plenary: Mega-Events - A look inside the opportunities for technological solutions at mega-events and the 2028 Olympics

The Super Bowl and the Olympics provide two of the largest platforms for a City’s exposure globally. Playing host to thousands of guests poses unique challenges to the local region. From issues related to crowd management and security, to ticketless access to public transportation and on-site purchasing, these stadiums and venues must seek new technologies to make sure LA is ready. International companies like Panasonic are eyeing these lucrative opportunities to engage stadiums and fans with high-speed Wi-Fi, touch-screen kiosks, and LED displays that deliver social engagement, partner and sponsor integration, promotions and event information. This panel of experts and futurists will share what these events need for a seamless and positive guest experience that can help guide business decisions by international conglomerates ready to enter the LA market.


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E-sports and the New Entertainment Frontier - LA’s expertise in content, communication and commerce is propelling this industry to new heights

Over the past few years, LA has significantly increased its capacity to host events, as evidenced by the ongoing construction of both large and small venues.  No industry is moving to take advantage of these developments more than that of e-sports. Moguls from the traditional sports world are purchasing franchise licenses for tens of millions of dollars, while international players like Tencent are making multi-billion dollar investments to grow the sport locally and worldwide through events and marketing. A January 2018 CBRE report found that Los Angeles leads the United States with 331 gaming companies operating in the metropolitan area. Last year, LA’s top gaming movers, shakers and investors in eSports, including Gamevice, Tencent, Evolution Media, and Next Generation Esports discussed the massive opportunity in this burgeoning industry at the 2018 Select LA Investment Summit.  This year, we are expanding on that conversation to delve deeper into the fast-growing world of eSports.


Building LA’s Future Transportation Network - How the Olympics, e-scooters and record-breaking investment in public transportation projects are creating an attractive environment for new mobility opportunities

As Los Angeles continues to expand, so do the opportunities for mobility and access to alternate means of transportation. Across Los Angeles County's vast and sprawling 4,751 square miles. More than 4.5 million commuters walk, bike, drive, rideshare or take public transit to get to their jobs. Yet 73% of Angelenos drive alone to work, and only 6.8% use public transit. Despite these statistics — or perhaps because of them — voters in L.A. County have approved historic tax increases to radically expand the existing public transit system. In addition, the County of Los Angeles has approved a robust project named “20 by 2028,” meaning 20 large scale Metro Projects completed by the time the Olympics start in Los Angeles. This environment, coupled with the booming demand for personal mobility devices such as bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters, is creating a local mobility revolution. Come hear first-hand about these exciting projects and the opportunities for international businesses to get involved.

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What’s Next for Digital Transformation? - Artificial intelligence, data visualization, and analysis have changed the way people do business across industries - what’s next?

Artificial intelligence is possible through deep learning - a category of algorithms works by using statistics to find patterns in data, patterns that have proven immensely powerful in mimicking human skills. This engineered knowledge is changing the way people do a variety of tasks from farming, to exploring the oceans, and even playing games. Businesses are just starting to scratch the surface of what this data visualization and analysis can do to improve their products and services. Hear from industry experts on how they are using - and planning to further develop - these digital technologies that traverse the entertainment, financial, health care, and aerospace industries in ways that positively change consumer experiences and business practices.


A Greater Return on Investment - How local venture capital firms are expanding their role in LA’s tech scene and creating a more inclusive community alongside successful investments

As one of the fastest-growing technology hubs in the country, Los Angeles is harnessing innovative technologies in ways that have the capacity to transform the city itself. Venture funding in LA topped $6.4B in 2018, the highest year on record since 2000, while the 100 largest tech companies in L.A. and Orange County reported a 24 percent increase in employment in 2017. Born from this environment was a City of Los Angeles led program called PledgeLA, a first-of-its-kind partnership to promote civic engagement, diversity, and inclusion across L.A.’s booming and dynamic tech sector. Venture Capital and tech leaders are making a commitment to track civic participation and diversity data each year and make that data publicly available, as well as expand their engagement with local nonprofits that support diverse talent and reflect the civic spirit of Los Angeles. Come hear from Venture Capital executives and learn how your business can take advantage of this investing activity.



WTCLA’s 2019 Foreign Direct Investment Report - More than 10,000 foreign-owned establishments are in Southern California. WTCLA’s fourth annual report will show where the FDI investment is now and which locales stand to gain in the future

The exclusive release and presentation of WTCLA’s fourth annual report on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Southern California region will provide a unique look into the 10,000 foreign companies located in all six counties of Southern California (Los Angeles,Orange, Riverside,San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura), and explore the future for international firms in the region and those who are planning to enter the LA market.


LA on the International Stage: A Dialogue with the Consular Corps - Members of the third largest grouping of consulates anywhere in the world will discuss their experiences navigating the region and how they view LA’s enhanced international presence

More than 103 countries have either full-time consulates or honorary representatives throughout Los Angeles. As one of the most diverse cities in the history of mankind, these diplomatic missions are essential to bridging the business and cultural ties that create and drive new economic value to the region. With the current uncertainty in US foreign and trade policy, Los Angeles is stepping into the spotlight to make sure individuals from each of these countries understand they are welcome. International diplomats who lead their countries’ mission locally will relay their experience of navigating LA and how local nonprofit and government actors come together to assist international businesses expanding to the region.