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Morning Plenary: The Waking of a Tech Giant - How investors are working with tech companies to fuel and transform LA’s Tech Industry

Last November, Southern California tech companies set a new monthly record by collectively raising $2.6B in funding. It’s now well understood internationally that Los Angeles is becoming a major tech influencer. Whether your business is looking to invest like a venture capital (VC) firm or trying to understand how to secure funding for your project, this expert panel of funders and company executives focused on the tech industry will provide valuable insights on practices surrounding investment criteria and changes in business operations.




Eric Garcetti is the 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles. His "back to basics" agenda is focused on job creation and solving everyday problems for L.A. residents.

Garcetti was elected four times by his peers to serve as President of the Los Angeles City Council from 2006 to 2012. From 2001 until taking office as Mayor, he served as the Council member representing the 13th District which includes Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake, and Atwater Village -- all of which were dramatically revitalized under Garcetti's leadership.

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Industry 4.0: Robotics, Automation and Data - The intersection of IoT and manufacturing is transforming entire industries and their supply chains.

The fourth revolution in production illuminates the deep connections between machine and computer in the form of robotics and automation. In this new era, “smart factories” are born in which cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes and can make simple, autonomous decisions. This panel will explore the increasing number of technologies being integrated into all facets of the value chain. Join sensor technology, data and manufacturing companies address the challenges and opportunities in the future of the factory floor.


Building the Bioscience Industry - What LA’s $40 Billion Bioscience Industry is doing to edge competitors from around the world.

The Los Angeles bioscience industry has garnered widespread attention recently as an influx of businesses have planted roots throughout the region. In fact, the local industry is valued at $40 billion and now has more jobs in this sector than San Diego, peaking at 58,400 workers in this industry. With the strengthening of the biotech ecosystem through new projects supported by local governments – including a $63 million, 78,000 square-foot LA BioMed research lab and incubator – this session will discuss the intersection of healthcare, technology, and related investments that are shaping one of the hottest industry clusters in LA County and the country.

Luncheon Sessions



Publisher and CEO
Los Angeles Business Journal


Senior Vice President
American Airlines



Americas Head of Research and Senior Economic Advisor for CBRE

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Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong

NantWorks, LLC


The Select LA lunch program will feature a ceremony for the first ever FDI Award of the Year, along with two presentations from regional leaders with the keynote provided by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.



2018 FDI Report Presentation

The exclusive release and presentation of WTCLA’s third annual report on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the Southern California region will provide a unique look into the 10,000 foreign companies located in all six counties of Southern California (LosAngeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, SanDiego and Ventura), and explore the future for these international firms in the region and those who are planning to enter the LA market.



New High Score – Why Los Angeles is emerging as the gaming and eSports capital of the world

The epicenter of eSports, the term for competitive video gaming, is Los Angeles. Moguls from the traditional sports world are purchasing franchise license for tens of millions of dollars, while international players like Tencent are making multibillion dollar investment to grow the sport worldwide. A January 2018 CBRE report found that Los Angeles leads the United States with 331 gaming companies operating in the metropolitan area. Come learn from LA’s top gaming studios and investors in eSports as they describe the massive opportunity in this burgeoning industry.


The LA Mobility Revolution - From Hyperloop’s vacuum pods to all-electric semitrucks, LA is incubating a new mobility and transportation paradigm.

From fully electric semi-trucks and printed cars to enormous public transportation projects and Elon Musk’s mysterious boring machine, Los Angeles is on the cusp of a mobility renaissance. With traffic congestion and its subsequent environmental impact being two issues Angelenos rally around, LA is experiencing a culture shift that has brought innovative mobility solutions to the forefront. This panel will feature mobility company leaders who will share how they’re leveraging the advanced transportation momentum throughout their verticals.



Navigate LA - Discover the many great cities in Los Angeles and what they are doing to attract FDI

In this unique afternoon plenary, officials from cities within LA County will present on their locales’ attractiveness and plans for new investments and businesses. This session will provide international attendees the opportunity to understand which cities best fit their business needs, as well as the available resources to make a new venture successful. A summit closing reception will follow the presentations, which will allow guests to interact and engage with the city representatives.